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Funding and commercial partnerships are vital to work we do in the industry in all territories and we work closely with multiple stakeholders in the game from clubs and football associations to supporters who are members of trusts. This relationship is outlined in the diagram below.

There are over half a million supporters in our network who rely on Supporters Direct to drive research and develop key policies with the central aim of delivering a game that has prosperous, community-focused clubs at its core.

We can achieve much more through partnerships with local, national and international business.

The football industry is serviced by a volume of service providers, brands and professional services. We work with rights-holders, sponsors and stakeholders to shape partnerships which creating lasting value for supporters and commercial partners through projects, research and events.



A non-for-profit organisation, our commercial and funding partnership revenue is invested back our work which supporters local communities and their supporters in socially responsible way.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we could achieve together then we would love to hear from you.


Take at look at our overview document  above and get in touch by e-mailing





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