We depend on an team of national volunteers and supporters to spread the word, to rally support and to fundraise to fight our cause. Many of you may already be volunteering some of your time to your local Supporters Trust.

There are lots of ways you can get involved in volunteering for Supporters Direct.

They range from fundraising for our fantastic cause with your friends to volunteering your time to help us deliver one of our national events.

Find out more and get involved in your local area.

Why Volunteer?

There are many reasons that supporters people volunteer with us or their supporters trust.

For some it’s to meet fellow fans and share in their passion for their local community club. Others may wish to gain experience, try something new or to take an active role in improving the community, a community facility or club.

Volunteering can help

  • Learn or develop your personal skills.
  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Make new friends who share common goals and have fun.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Empower communities to create better run and more sustainable sports clubs.

Your volunteering helps us

  • Raise vital funds to help fight for a more sustainable and accountable future for sport.
  • Spread the word about our work.
  • Bring communities together and creating a network of more active citizens.
  • Increase our flexibility, to work on more diverse projects.
  • Improve the delivery of our events programmes.

Ways you can help

- Volunteer at an event

Supporters Direct holds a number of events throughout the year, a list of which can be found here. This includes our headline annual Supporters Summit which this year will be held at Wembley Stadium. If would like to help us at any of our events then please register your details with us by e-mailing enquiries@supporters-direct.org

- Volunteer to fundraise for SD

Volunteering  to fundraise for SD is one way you can support us and make a huge and lasting impact on the football industry.

For every £1 of funding SD has raised to date we have helped to generate £7 of direct investment back into the football industry allowing communities to save footballs clubs on the verge of extinction.  To date that figure stands at over £37 million pounds




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