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Sport RightNow was born out of frustration. Simon Ryley, the founder and CEO of the company is an ardent football fan. He found himself trawling the Internet for news about his favourite team every morning and realised that millions of fans around the world must be doing the same thing every day. This was a problem he set out to solve with Sport RightNow.

Sport RightNow apps grant you instant access to all the latest news about your team with just one app, in one place - your pocket. This app brings you closer to your team, the players, the pundits and even the fans. As a fan, you can choose the news sources you want to see and mute the noise. With social media updates, news, and videos in one place - the app is truly one of a kind, that will ensure you don’t miss out on any news. You will always have something new to read, learn or laugh about.

If you are part of a supporters club, we would love for our users to hear your voice by integrating your website, and social media accounts into our app stream. Visit our website for a quick tour or you can reach Simon directly at



Toga Sports


High quality football kits at affordable prices

Togasports was founded in 2007 by a Football Manager who was struggling to find high quality football kits at a price that was affordable. After discussing the problem with a friend who had recently come back from Asia they decided to produce football kits themselves. Starting with an Ebay store and fulfilling the orders from their front rooms and since then Togasports has gone from strength to strength.

Togasports now has its own manufacturing facility ensuring that all products go through a vigorous testing procedure and using only the high quality man made fabrics that allow excellent air flow and comfort. The colours won’t fade after washing either and with printing or embroidery options you can have sponsorship, logos and you team number added to your shirts.

Supporting grassroots football with affordable kits is how Togasports began but since they have designed bespoke football kits for larger clubs and supplied kits for their club shops, giving a much needed income stream to allow clubs to grow.

If you have a supporter run club why not give us a call to discuss your requirements with one of our professionals today on 01635 580523 or visit our website (Link


Womens Aid


If you have a supporter run club why not give us a call to discuss your requirements with one of our professionals today on 01635 580523 or visit our website (Link

Football United Against Domestic Violence is a campaign by Women’s Aid where we are working with the football community to unite players, clubs, and fans at all levels of the game against behaviour and attitudes that underpin domestic violence. We are using the positive power of football to provide a platform for fans and those involved in the game to show that abusive behaviour towards partners and families is never acceptable.

You can sign the Supporter Pledge here or contact Teresa Parker at Women’s Aid by emailing if your club would like to become involved in the campaign.

Image from match between the Parliamentary Football Team and the Football United All Stars, raising funds and awareness for Women’s Aid.

Women's Aid






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