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"There is simply no debating that some of the best literature and talk over the past few years on the governance of the game has come from Supporters Direct.

"The release of a number of briefing papers in government and the industry, and their coal-face experience of the issue continue to put them in a privileged position to make respected comment on the most pressing issues facing the governance of our game."

FC Business Magazine, September 2012

Supporters Direct is in a unique position in football to produce relevant and informative research and policy by “thinking and doing”.

We actively work at all levels of the game - with supporters groups, clubs and authorities, as well as looking outside the game - to improve governance, encourage better and more formal relationships between clubs and their supporters, plus helping supporters to take control of their clubs.

This provides a unique insight, and therefore our research is not only academically robust but based upon actual experience: Our research helps our development work, which in turn informs our research.

We have been at the forefront of shaping and arguing for reform, particularly on the formal role for supporters at their clubs and in the wider game, financial reforms, ensuring that owners are subject to greater scrutiny.

We have actively contributed to reviews of policy within UK and European political institutions, and football governing bodies including the recent Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Review into the governance of English football and the follow-up report by the same Committee.

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