Final Report

Summary Report: The Social Value of Football 2010

Full Report: The Social Value of Football 2010

Working papers and interim report

As part of the first phase of the research project in 2008, Substance commissioned a number of experts in the field to provide outlines of possible approaches to assessing the social value of football clubs. They each wrote a short Working Paper, covering different approaches and methodologies. These papers form the basis of a literature review and Interim Report as well as inform how the primary research and case study work were conducted. They also formed the basis of a project workshop that was held at Supporters Direct on December 2nd 2008. A sixth working paper on the regulatory framework of football was commissioned by Substance in November 2009.

Working Paper 1. Playing With A Standard Formation: Social Accounting For Football Clubs And Supporters’ Trusts – Towards A Unified Approach

Working Paper 2. Football, Ownership and Social Value

Working Paper 3. Do We Know the True Value of Football? A review of methodologies to value public goods

Working Paper 4. How Can We Value The Social Impact Of Football Clubs?: Qualitative Approaches

Working Paper 5. Measuring the Social Impact of Football

Working Paper 6. Are there any regulatory requirements for football clubs to report against social and environment impacts?

Interim Report. Literature and Methodological Review


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