Dunfermline Athletic FC

Dunfermline Athletic FC were a club on its knees and in administration when the Pars Supporters Trust joined forces with other bodies to form Pars United in a bid to revive their beleaguered club.

Saddled with debts thought to be as high as £8.5m, the club and administrator Bryan Jackon released as many as eight first team players whilst the club were fighting for their Division 1 (now the Championship) status.

However, Pars United, through a series of fundraising events and nights spent engaging with supporters about their plans for part ownership by supporters rallied all Pars together and raised enough money to eventually be given preferred bidder status in July 2013.

Despite this, the threat of liquidation remained very real as recently as October 2013, the same month Pars United finally took ownership of both the club and stadium East End Park. The Supporters' Trust are now represented on the Board of the club through Margaret Ross, chairperson of the Pars Supporters Trust.

The Club can now proceed towards coming out of administration, and papers will be provided to the Court of Session to conclude the statutory requirements.

Assisted by Supporters Direct Scotland, Dunfermline Athletic FC represent the coming together of business with supporters groups to form a unique alliance of everybody who has the best interests of the club at heart.

Paul Goodwin Head of SDS said at the time "We’re delighted to see that another famous club has embraced part-ownership by the fans, inspired by the dedication of all the Pars fans.

We know that there are other clubs and fan groups looking very closely at greater community involvement as the ownership of clubs in Scotland evolves away from the conventional benefactor model." Bob Garmory the new Chairman said at the press launch."

To learn more about the SD Scotland and the Scottish Fans network please visit www.scottishfans.org


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