Reform of English Football

From the day that Supporters Direct was founded, we have always believed that supporter involvement and ownership can't solve every problem that the game has. Indeed our founder Brian Lomax always insisted that supporters' trusts are not "a panacea for the ills of football".

Because of that, we have been lobbying and campaigning since SD’s formation to change the way that football is run in England, and to ensure that the whole of football is run not just for a few select people in the boardrooms, but for the fans on the terraces, in the stands, and the wider community.

As fans we all have stories of how our club has made decisions that we just don't understand, or which have no justification. Brighton having the Goldstone sold with no alternative and no protection; Wimbledon allowed to have their League place effectively sold to the highest bidder; owners wanting to change the fundamental identity of clubs like Cardiff City and Hull City just because that's how they want it; owners of football clubs like Birmingham City passing tests that don't seem to be there to properly protect our clubs; or the near 100 times that clubs have collapsed because of overspending and bad management.

Our aim is to have a proper system of checks and balances that mean that we no longer have to play Russian Roulette every time a new owner turns up, hoping that they'll act in the best interests of the club we support. We call this licencing, and it's already been agreed in principle. What we need to do now is to ensure that all the things that need protecting in a club are protected, and that supporters can have the opportunity to be formally recognised for the vital role they play in sustaining their clubs - and the wider game.

We're working towards ensuring that the outcomes of the 2011 Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee and subsequent follow up report in 2013 don't end up gathering dust on the shelf - like four similar reports before them, and we're working with parties and politicians, our colleagues at the FSF, and individual organisations and supporters to achieve reform that makes our game fit for purpose.

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