InTouch Database

Membership database & communications platform

ITwM is simple way in which Supporters Trusts and community clubs across the country can store member information securely and then communicate to members and contacts (through Letters, Surveys, HTML emails and SMS) all through one easy to use, always available, supported system that has been built to work specifically for Supporters Trusts.

The system was developed in collaboration with 8 trusts and was launched in the summer of 2008. Since then over 70 organisations have been enjoying the benefits - ranging from the smallest trusts with under 100 members to the biggest with tens of thousands. ITWM offers you features including:

  • Share contact information with other approved users and create your own membership settings and categories
  • Store all member contact information and track membership history
  • Send emails, surveys, SMS messages all from within the one platform
  • Allow members to login to a member area on your website and update contact and member information
  • Link your account to your PayPal account and remind users when membership is due to expire
  • Store records of ALL member financial information within the system and capture regular subscriptions and donations
  • Report on all aspects of member information to provide information for board reports and targeted marketing
  • Store organisation documents and share calendar and tasks between different approved system users


6 month offer for new members

Any *new* Member or Affiliate member can get a free 6 month taster as long as the Supporters Trust or Club signs up within 6 months of joining SD.

Following this 6 month trial there is no obligation to continue using the system, but if like the majority of Trusts and Clubs you do, the cost will depend on the number of Full Members that you have;

Number of full members Cost per month
Up to 250 £12.50 (+VAT)
251+£25 (+VAT)

It is the intention of SD that the system will eventually be made free to member Supporters Trusts, but that depends on the number of users to make it sustainable, but these costs are in line with what current users are paying.

You can view the details of the system InTouch with Members system via the link.

To take advantage of this offer or if you are a community club and are not either full or affiliate members or SD and are interested in what the system can do for your club then please contact Vicki Goodfellow.

What do users think?

"We've used the ITwM system since our Trust started in September 2008, and it has proved to be invaluable our members have told us how they appreciate the professional looking emails they regularly receive, and the information we hold on our members means we can target the trust's activities on things they really care about. We'll definitely be looking to continue with the system when the decision comes to renew!"

Mark Hooper, Membership Secretary - Cardiff City Supporters' Trust 

"OxVox has found ITWM to be a really valuable tool. There are big advantages in bringing membership admin, creation and distribution of e-zines, generation of mail merged letters, and now surveying of members, together under one integrated system. It saves us time and money. For example, we now issue ezines which are quick to generate, rather than sending a lot of time composing newsletters which were probably read once and discarded. We no longer have duplicated email lists and other files to maintain. As a web-driven system, it is not restricted to one pc but can be accessed by several people on our trust committee for different tasks. The learning curve is pretty easy too."

Trevor Lambert, OxVox - Oxford United Supporters' Trust

"We have been really pleased with the ITwM system and we would be happy to recommend this to other Trusts. The system is simple to use and allows us to communicate with our members and reduce our admin. It's certainly something that other Trusts should be looking to take advantage of. CRM are helpful and available when we have questions and so all in all, it's a great system and can make a real difference to any trust as it has to ours."

Mike Bralie, Arabstrust - Dundee United Supporters' Trust 

About Customers Really Matter
Customers Really Matter, who have developed the tailored system for Supporters Direct, were established in 2005. They provide forward thinking organizations with the systems, services and marketing expertise they need to retain and personally communicate with their customers and members.


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