Member Benefits

Why join SD? The more people join, the stronger we are. Trust & community owned clubs are growing in influence, and a key part of that is through the ability to say that there are a multitude of organisations, working at different clubs with similar values, working to the same arrangements and pushing in the same direction, all under the umbrella of Supporters Direct. 

What will Supporters Direct do for you as a member?

Supporters Direct will influence policy and campaign on your behalf to ensure change that promotes and encourages:

  • Supporter representation
  • Community ownership
  • Spectator sports clubs that protect and enhance their social value
  • Better regulation to help achieve the above aims
  • Provide you with the tools you need to run an effective supporters’ trust & community owned club


The more organisations that join, the more we can negotiate deals for members which are better value than organisations acting alone can get. We can also commission specialist guidance on issues like director’s responsibilities, or the new Companies Act, and then make it available to trusts free of charge.

To check whether your organisation is a member of Supporters Direct, please contact Vicki Goodfellow. Further details on how to become full members can be found on the renewal page. 

As a reminder by being a member you get access to all of this:

  • Development: access to best practice guidance and specialist support
  • Access to dedicated member networks
  • Eligibility to participate in our community shares programme
  • Free access to our dedicated legal support helpline
  • Programme of regional training sessions and seminars to help you and your members develop their skills
  • Monthly SD bulletin
  • Ability to nominate candidates for active participation in our Councils and Board
  • Access to a bespoke membership management and communications system
  • Discounted rates for SD events
  • Fortnightly news summary from SD on major stories of relevance and sharing knowledge & information from the trust network
  • Copies of our publications & additional copies on request
  • Ability to attend, propose, speak and vote at our AGM to influence the direction of the organisation
  • Dedicated Members area on our website


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