Member Offers

UK Soccer Shop


UK Soccer Shop is one of the UK’s leading replica retailers, selling to all four corners of the world in 2011. Their online football shop sells the latest official football kits and training merchandise from around the world, and they have expanded their offering to SD members to bespoke design & printing. Member trusts can agree a design around a campaign message, player chant, or trust promotion, and UK Soccer Shop will design, print & promote the shirts through their site for general sale.


Apex Direct Mail (ADM)

Whilst the majority of people that are joining member clubs and Trusts are happy to receive communication by email there are still some that prefer mailings. To do this function in-house, can be both costly and time consuming. APEX are an organisation, based in the UK. They have previously worked with members of SD who have made significant savings on postal mailings so we thought it a good idea to reach out to them to see what benefits they could offer for our members.

In Touch CRM

InTouch CRM

ITwM is simple way in which Supporters Trusts and community clubs across the country can store member information securely and then communicate to members and contacts. Any *new* Member or Affiliate member can get a free 6 month membership as long as the Supporters Trust or Club signs up within 6 months of joining SD.


DWF Legal

We’ve worked with Cobbetts solicitors to provide every member trust with a free legal helpline to help with the sorts of queries that often crop up. The aim of the helpline will be to provide immediate answers – if something crops up which needs more work and can’t be handled over the phone, then Cobbetts will be able to take it forward at a reduced rate for members of Supporters Direct.


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