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As part of the recent reforms announced by the FA an additional supporter space on the FA Council has been created. Up until now Malcolm Clarke has represented both the FSF and SD on the Council, Malcolm has provided excellent representation for supporters during that time and we welcome this addition to support him. The new space on the council allows for each of the organisations to nominate their own representative who we envisage working together to promote supporter related views and topics.

CEO of SD Ashley Brown said, “We thank the FA for recognising the role of supporters as stakeholders in the game and providing the second Council seat. Malcolm has been an excellent representative in recent years and we look forward to selecting someone to work alongside him on the Council. SD & FSF both have a history of addressing relevant supporter related issues in the game and this can only strengthen our ability to do that.”

Chair of the FSF Malcolm Clarke said, "It will be great for the supporters' team on the FA Council to be strengthened by the additional representative.  I look forward to working with that person to not only promote specifically the supporters' agenda but also for both representatives to play a role in the wider issues of football and be recognised as an important part of the football family. Part of our agenda will be to press for further significant reforms in the governance of our game"

SD will be forming a selection committee made up from representatives of both the board and England & Wales Football Council, who will collaborate with FSF representatives on selection.  The group will be looking at individuals from within the current SD work structures but would also welcome any nominations of other candidates from our wider network.

We have identified the following as key criteria for any candidates:-

  • A general understanding of supporter issues and interest in governance
  • An interest in football governance reform & willingness to work alongside other supporter reps
  • Prepared to commit to at least three years in the post
  • Knowledge of and support for SD's agenda, work and other national and local fan organisations and willingness to remain engaged with their operations
  • Willing to attend daytime FA Council and committee meetings (up to 15 a year)
  • Willing to attend daytime SD & FSF board and council meetings (circa 5 a year)
  • Willing to attend FA matches

An addition we have identified the following specific skills

  • Strong networking ability
  • Diplomatic
  • Confident and able to speak articulately in a large challenging environment
  • Patience and ability to accept limitations of what can be achieved
  • Ability to operate effectively within long & detailed Council meetings
  • Ability to identify key areas of interest for SD from within detailed Council papers

Candidates should also be a member of an SD affiliated organisation.

Please note that this is an unpaid role although travel expenses will be covered. If you are interested in nominating anyone or yourself, please email us by 17:00 on June 2, including a CV and a brief description of why the person is appropriate for the role. Please note as per FA guidelines we are keen to encourage diversity and welcome all applicants. All applicants will be informed of the next stage of the process by email.




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