Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Supporters Direct will be held in the Ballroom at St George’s Park on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at 10.30am for the following purposes:

One To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting dated 17th July 2016 (Resolution 1).

Two To receive and adopt the Annual Report & Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2016 together with the Auditors Report thereon (Resolution 2).

Three To adopt the following resolution 3, recommended by the Board:

That Littlejohn LLP, be and is hereby appointed auditor of the Society to hold office from the conclusion of this meeting to the conclusion of the next general meeting at which the Financial Statements are laid before the Society and the remuneration to be fixed by the directors.

Four To confirm the following results of the election of Directors to the Board of Supporters Direct (Resolution 4).

* Tim Hartley
* John Alexander
* Tom Greatrex
* John Boyle
* Michael Green
* Stuart Fuller

Five To note that no member Trusts were granted an exemption in relation to membership fees in the financial year ended 31st December 2016.

Six To consider and (if thought fit) pass the following resolution 5 recommended by the Board:

To authorise the Board to nominate an SD representative to the FA Council as and when appropriate using a selection process determined by the Board.

Seven To consider and (if thought fit) pass the following resolution 6 recommended by the Board:

To note the amendments to the audit threshold criteria for Member Trusts as outlined in the explanatory note.

Eight To consider and (if thought fit) pass the following resolution 7 recommended by the Board:

The proposal to incorporate SD Scotland as a legal entity owned by the member supporter trusts in Scotland, is supported.

SD members hereby grant authority to the SD Board to do all things necessary to enable the formation of a locally incorporated Community Benefit Society under the name Supporters Direct Scotland Ltd and to assign all football activity currently delivered within Supporters Direct Scotland to this new organisation. The members further agree that the SD Board shall determine the arrangements under which Supporters Direct will be linked with this new organisation and, subject to the board being satisfied with the arrangements to maintain a structured relationship between the two organisations, this all to be concluded as and when both the SDS Council and the SD Board determine.

Nine To discuss the changes, if any, that could be made to the way in which Supporters Direct relates to its members through its governance structure for members in England and Wales, including the potential for a merger with the Football Supporters Federation (FSF).

Download the full notice, including Form of Proxy, explanatory notes and standing orders for general meetings
Download the Annual Report
Download the minutes of SD AGM 2016

Only FULL MEMBERS of Supporters Direct are entitled to vote at the AGM. To renew or check your SD membership, please email us.

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