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Handbook:Appendix 1: Model agenda for the stage one open meeting

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Supporters' Trust Handbook
Setting up a Supporters' Trust – The three-stage model
Stage One – Open meeting to introduce the Trust
Stage Two – Develop Working Group and Launch
Stage Three – The First AGM
Running a Trust
Constitutional Issues
Using the Media Effectively
Action in the Community
Shareholding, AGM, and Board Strategies
Corporate Governance
Company Law
Codes of Corporate Governance
Regulation by the Football Authorities
Appendix 1: Model agenda for the stage one open meeting
Appendix 2: Template application form
Appendix 3: Model board membership policy
Appendix 4: Model agenda for Trust AGM
Appendix 5: Model rules for Trust elections
Appendix 6: Sample election nomination form
Appendix 7: Supporters Direct funding policy
Appendix 8: Potential sources of funding from within the co-operative movement
Appendix 9: Some of the objects used by existing Trusts
Appendix 10: Media directory
Appendix 11: Taxation treatment of football community mutuals
Appendix 12: Code of conduct for elected supporter directors
Appendix 13: Identifying and tracing shareholders at your club
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Model Agenda For The Stage 1 Open Meeting

  1. Welcome from the Chair and introductions to head table - 5mins
  2. Supporters Direct - philosophy and principles behind Supporters’ Trusts and Supporters Direct- 20mins
  3. Supporters Direct - the wider picture: what's happening around the country - 20mins
  4. Speaker from another established Trust - what they have done? - 15mins
  5. Coordinator - what the Trust can achieve at your club [take time to come up with suggestions for what the Trust can do - don't be controversial] - 20mins
  6. Question and Answer Session - 20-30mins
  7. Vote to go ahead to form a Trust and working party - 5mins
  8. Sign up volunteers for the working party/steering committee and take donations