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Handbook:Running a Trust

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Supporters' Trust Handbook
Setting up a Supporters' Trust – The three-stage model
Stage One – Open meeting to introduce the Trust
Stage Two – Develop Working Group and Launch
Stage Three – The First AGM
Running a Trust
Constitutional Issues
Using the Media Effectively
Action in the Community
Shareholding, AGM, and Board Strategies
Corporate Governance
Company Law
Codes of Corporate Governance
Regulation by the Football Authorities
Appendix 1: Model agenda for the stage one open meeting
Appendix 2: Template application form
Appendix 3: Model board membership policy
Appendix 4: Model agenda for Trust AGM
Appendix 5: Model rules for Trust elections
Appendix 6: Sample election nomination form
Appendix 7: Supporters Direct funding policy
Appendix 8: Potential sources of funding from within the co-operative movement
Appendix 9: Some of the objects used by existing Trusts
Appendix 10: Media directory
Appendix 11: Taxation treatment of football community mutuals
Appendix 12: Code of conduct for elected supporter directors
Appendix 13: Identifying and tracing shareholders at your club
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Part One of this Handbook is dedicated to the issues involved in getting a Trust off the ground, and follows the chronology of the Supporters Direct three stage model. We have therefore covered holding an open meeting to first discuss the Trust idea, organising a working group, choosing a constitution, launching the Trust and steering towards the first AGM and elections.

Part Two of this Handbook is dedicated to the issues involved in keeping a Trust running. It covers how Trusts can organise effectively, increase membership, get involved in local activities, and fundraise. Part Two also deals with how properly to run an IPS Trust, acquire a collective shareholding, and exercise the influence this can bring.